Posted on: February 24, 2008 9:13 am
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My Personal Favorites (Day 1 of Combine Workout)

Day One of the NFL Combine featured Offensive Lineman (position the Jets definitely need) and Tight Ends (another position we can look to add depth at)...I'm gonna give my top 3 from each that I think is a very strong possibility that the Jets can take in this year's upcoming draft..Up first, Offensive Lineman...

1. My top choice for the Jets would be Jake Long..I really don' t think there is a shot of him dropping to the 6th pick, but you never know what can happen when teams start drafting!!! Three teams ahead of us are in need of O-Line help and that scares me that either the Dolphins, Rams or Chiefs can select him!!! Jake tossed up 37 reps on the 225 pound bench press, crushing the competition, with the second place finisher finishing two full reps behind him...Jake also placed in top of the field in vertical jump and 3-cone drill...I'm not the biggest fan of the Combine, because I think players play on the field with the pads on, not in shorts and a tee-shirt!!!
2. Carl Nicks of Nebraska - 6'5, 343 pounds and just an absolute monster...He placed in both the bench press, which I totally expected and in the broad jump...The only knack that they can talk about on him was that he was only a one year starter at LT, but on this Jets team he will be a RT and very good one at it...I can honestly see him being the 38th pick in the draft and wearing Green and White come opening day next season...
3. Gosder Cherlius of Boston College...He had a monster Senior Bowl week, but kinda disappointed me that he didn't place in the bench press as a top 10 performer..I just don't want another D'Brickashaw out there...I want a bruiser!!! I wouldn't complain if Gosder was our selection, because when he is on the field in the pads, he is a gamer and comes from Offensive Line University!!! He did place only in the 40 yard dash and I can't help to think that he is D'Brick...Similar frame, 6'7, 315 pounds!!!

Up next, the Tight Ends..I'm gonna keep Fred Davis and John Carlsen off my list cause they will be selected in the first two rounds of the draft and I just don't see the Jets selecting one of these guys unless they add a 2nd rounder via trade..
1. Dustin Keller stole the show yesterday for tight ends and might have improved his stock to quite possibly be a second round pick in draft...Teams are starved for pass catching tight ends and he is gonna be a star at the next level..I can possibly see him being the Jets early third round pick if still available!!!
2. Kellen Davis of Michigan State...I think he would be a project at Tight End, but would have some time to gel due to the fact that the Jets have Chris Baker on the roster...He is fast and big, so he can stretch the field and stay in and help in the blocking scheme...He is converted defensive end, so it will take time for him to adjust to the NFL level competition...Maybe if the Jets can sign a player like Anthony Becht to help tutor him, we can have ourselves a late round steal!!!
3. No one else really jumped out at me, but if so Materllius Bennett of Texas A+M would be my third...His 40 times was disappointing but he is a big man who can catch everything!!! He has huge hands and long arms, so can adjust to some poorly passed balls!!! My personal favorite is Keller as he is a freak of nature!!

Today at the Combine is..QB's, RB's and WR's!!!

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Not only I am the President, but....

I am also a member of the Official Brandon Dubinsky Fan Club!!! Is there anything that Brando doesn't do?? If you can think of it please let me know..I mean this guy scores, can lead the rush up ice, makes sweet feeds, tosses the body around, drops the gloves and is willing to stick up for his teammates even though he isn't the best fighter YET!!  He plays with so much heart out there and this is exactly what the Rangers have been missing for a long time!! The Rangers teams that weren't making the playoffs lacked Brandon Dubinsky and players just like him..

On February 3rd of this season, Jaromir Jagr was being consisently worked over by the Montreal Canadiens, and one person in particular, Mike Komisarek...Well when the two teams met earlier in the week, Mr. Dubo had comments that go like this..."He knows I'm gonna be all over him." "Its gonna be noticeable that I'm gonna be going at him everytime I'm on the ice." "You just can't keep going around and being dirty and going at my best player, so yea he will get to know me." Being a youngster, you would think that was all talk, but it wasn't, as Brando saw Komisarek throw a check at Jagr than Komisarek threw a check at Dubo, then the gloves were off!! We all know Dubinsky isn't the best fighter, but over time, and having one of the game's best hand tosser's around in Colton Orr will change that!! So yes Rangers fans, we have ourselves a keeper and would love to see the Blue Shirts sign him to a deal sorta like Mike Richards got from the Flyers, but less money, because Brandon doesn't deserve multi-millions YET!!

Speaking of those Flyers...Can anyone say HEAVE-HO TEN IN A ROW!!! What a crushing defeat last night to the Florida Panthers!! 3.7 seconds and a weak wrister from the point goes in and then a slapper from the point in over-time!! Man, when things are going bad, things are going real bad!! For the Flyers to turn things around they better get there tails in gear and make a play for Mats Sundin!!! Better yet, stay the way you are Philly!!

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